Workshop - Lex in the City. Long-term (Self-)Representations of Justice and Public Reconciliation in the Low Countries and in Belgium

Workshop organisé dans le cadre des projets PAI "Justice & Populations: The Belgian Experience in International Perspective" et "City & Society in the Low Countries (1200-1850).

Quentin Verreycken, aspirant FRS-FNRS, y présentera une communication.


09 :30-10:00 Welcome coffee


10:00-10:30 Introduction by Aude Musin & Xavier Rousseaux (UCL)


10:30-10:50 Jonas Roelens (UGent) – ‘Avec tout le secret possible.’ Changing Attitudes towards Sodomy Executions in the Eighteenth-Century Southern Low Countries


10:50-11:20 Xavier Rousseaux (UCL) & Jérôme de Brouwer (ULB) – Death in the City. Long-term Representations of Capital Punishment in the Belgian Space (18th-20th c.)


11:20-12:00 Comments and discussions


12:00-13:00 Lunch


13:00-13:20 Quentin Verreycken (UCL-USLB) – Staging Mercy in a Theatre State. The Use of Legal Pardons by the Dukes of Burgundy (1386-1482)


13:20-13:40 Colin Dupont (KUL-KBR) – Cartography and Justice: Development of a Representation


13:40-14:20 Comments and discussions


14:20-15:00 Amandine De Burchgraeve (UCL), Gaëlle Dubois (UCL) & Stefan Huygebaert (UGent) – A Triple Experience of Justice: The Nineteenth-Century Cour d'Assises's Architecture, Iconography and Spectacle


15:00-15:20 Comments and discussions


15:20-15:45 Coffee break


15:45-16:15 Conclusions by Marc Boone (UGent)

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17 décembre 2015

Bibliothèque royale de Belgique

Bd. de l'Empereur 4, Bruxelles

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