Workshop - Contemporary Congolese Studies (Cambridge)

This two-day international conference will bring together junior and senior Congolese Studies scholars working at European, North American and African research institutions. The conference will showcase contemporary research in the study of Congolese society, culture and history. Accepted papers will examine case studies grouped around the following themes: Representations and imaginations of Congo; marginalization, memory & dissent; gender, conflict & reproduction; resistance and engagement in the colonial situation; natural resources, environment, and new frictions of power; scales, borders, and ideologies of (inter)national mediations; urban socialities; social and political repertoires of war in the C20th; methodologies and epistemologies in Congolese Studies.

Benoît Henriet et Enika Ngongo présenteront chacun une communication (voir programme ci-dessous).

Keynote | Nancy Rose Hunt (University of Michigan)

'Moods and Congolese Studies'

Queen's Lecture Theatre, Emmanuel College

Discussants | John Lonsdale; Filip de Boeck; Emma Wild Wood; Guillaume Lachenal; Andrea Grant; Sylvie Ayimpam; Devon Curtis 

Supported by the African Studies Association UK, the Division of Social Anthropology, the Newton Fellowships and the Centre of African Studies

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11-12 juin 2015

Cambridge University

Emmanuel College & Alison Richard Building, West Road


Lys Alcayan-Stevens : lss32(at)

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