Workshop - PhD Day en histoire du droit


12h00 – Welcome

12h30 – Lunch


14h00 – Amélie Verfaillie (UGent) : Lobbying on behalf of the Civil Society: Amnesty International’s relationship with the United Nations (1961-present)


14h15 – Marc Thérage (Lille 2) : Decline and modernization of business criminal law in the north of France : the Liberal paradigm advent (from the end of Middle Ages to the eve of World War II)


14h30 – Quentin Verreycken (UCL - USL-B) : Justice, Warfare, and the Rise of a State Discipline in the Fifteenth Century: Studying Military Pardons in International Perspective


14h45 – Caroline Laske (UGent) : Consideration - the origins of the term and concept

15h00 – Sophie Leclère (USL-B) : Christian ideals and the Making of the Law during the Carolingian Era: the case of sexual deviances


15h30 – Coffee break


16h00 – Sonia Bai (Lille 2) : Justice in Algeria : the example of the Algiers Court of Appeal (1842-1962)


16h15 – Pascaline le Polain (USL-B) : A biogaphical approach of the belgian colonial magistracy : Antoine Sohier and the shaping of colonial legal science


16h30 – Mustapha El Karouni (UGent) : The importance of legal culture in the science of law

Informations pratiques

Organisation :

Centre de Recherches en Histoire du Droit et des Institutions (USL-B)

Centre d'Histoire de la Justice (Lille 2)

Instituut voor Rechtsgeschiedenis (UGent)


Venue :

Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles

Brussels, March 27th 2015

3200 (rue du Marais, 119, 3rd floor)


Contact : Prof. Dr. Nathalie Tousignant (nathalie.tousignan(at)

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